We contribute to smarter companies and cities through our workspace
membership, and digitised office matching service

Freedom seekers

Carousel was founded in 2021 by a team with various backgrounds, including Real Estate, Investment Banking and FinTech. What unites us is the strong will to be inspired and work productively, wherever we are.

Inspiration = productivity

We believe that there’s a solution to the uninspiring worklife that many experience in fixed offices on a daily basis.

Productivity and happiness increase by opening up for workplace flexibility and change of environment.  

Meanwhile, buildings and cities can be used more efficiently, by better office usage and decreased unnecessary commuting.


We collaborate with several co-working venues in order to offer a mix of different styles and atmosphere, in various locations - all in professional settings.

This is just the beginning. To create a new, sustainable workspace ecosystem, we will continuously develop the product with our partners and customers.